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    Rathi Iron and Steel Industries (Moira Sariya)

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    gsecl mineral descaler power plant
    Models: K-250
    Location: Pithampur, Indore (India)
    Installation Area: Cooling Tower, Continuous Casting Machine (CCM)
    the leading TMT bar (rebar) supplier in Central India with a wide network of 550+ dealers and 250+ exclusive dealers
    KASHYAP: impulse frequency descaler
    The continuous casting machine (CCM) is subjected to 2,192°F (1,200°C) and a large amount of mineral scale would build-up in the equipment causing continuous production delays. Now that the Kashyap-250 model has been installed, the factory no longer experiences production loss or delays caused by having to manually remove excessive mineral scale deposits.
    science of impulse frequency technology
    us descaler logo white with lineEnvironmentally friendly impulse frequency technology to prevent, clean and protect buildings and equipment from the destructive influence of mineral scale and rust buildup.
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    remove scale and rust pipe cut in half

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