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    ROLEX Rings- solves cooling tower scale problems

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    gsecl mineral descaler power plant
    Models: K-10 | K-25 | K-50
    Location: Rajkot, Gujarat (India)
    Installation Area: Cooling Tower for PHE

    A leading manufacturer of forged and machined components in India
    KASHYAP: impulse frequency descaler
    Before using the Kashyap descaler the company used RO (Reverse Osmosis) water to control scale and rust in the cooling tower. After implementing the Kashyap device there is no scale build up and the temperature of the PHE and the condenser is stable.


    Installation locations:
    Cooling tower-1 for the PHE
    Cooling tower-2 for the PHE

    Installed Models:
    6 x K-50
    2 x K-25
    5 x K-10

    Mineral Scale Problems:

    The ROLEX Rings factory had problems with hard water in the PHE, cooling tower and water supply pipe. They planned to spend a significant amount of money to build and buy a chemical systems to solve the problems.

    The factory exprienced:
    • scale deposits in Plate Heat Exchanger
    • very high oil temperatures greater that 50°C / 122°F
    • heat exchanger displayed metal corrosion
    • scale deposits clog the pipe
    • Had to manually equipment every month

    The purpose for installing the mineral dealers was to prevent the formation of new scale, remove existing mineral scale, reduce maintenance costs, and to replace the expensive RO softener system and its chemical dosing requirements.

    After installing the Kashyap anti-scale solution the plate heat exchanger is now clean, the temperature is stable at 98°F (37°C) to 104°F (40°C), there is no longer any need to shut machines down for to clean, and the Kashyap solution has saved our company 7% in electricity energy.

    The Kashyap units have proven to be the best investment for “Rolex Rolled Rings” as it has solved all of our mineral scaling problems.

    Uday Parmar (Forging Manager)
    “This is to certify that we have purchased and installed the Kashyap- anti scale system in our Cooling System, Rolex Rings Pvt. Ltd, at Rajkot and working perfectly and our full satisfaction ever since the installation.

    We have installed K-50 Model of “Kashyap” in our PHE in August, 2015. We are glad to install Kashyap water treatment product which is compatible with environment and which renders the optimum output at very low running cost.

    Earlier we used RO Water and chemicals to control scale and rust formation in the cooling tower. It was very expensive and time consuming as we have to regularly check the water parameters and dose the chemicals on a day to day basis. Also to maintain the hardness level we use to do frequent blow down which would wastage a lot of water.

    After installing Kashyap on our cooling tower we have stopped using the RO water and chemicals. We feed the raw water to the cooling towers and the temperature of the PHE and the condenser is maintained and there is no scale build up. Also the small amount of scale which is visible can be easily cleaned with a brush on the cooling tower.

    We are very happy with these results and the effectiveness of the product. This product for the cooling tower is truly a chemical free solution."

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