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    gsecl mineral descaler power plant
    Models: K-25
    Location: Jaipur (India)
    Installation Area: Cooling Tower
    KASHYAP: impulse frequency descaler

    Date: 09/30/2019

    This is to certify that we have purchased and installed the Kashyap- Anti Scale system in your cooling system, Polu’s & Polu’s at Sitapura Ind. Area, Jaipur and it is working perfectly and our full satisfaction ever since the installation. We had purchased the same from M/S Jaipur Hi-Tech Services which is authorized distributor of Excellent water technology, Ahmedabad.

    We have installed K-25 model (2Nos.) of “Kashyap” in our cooling tower system in May 2019. We are very glad to install Kashyap anti scale system which is compatible with environment and which renders the optimum output at very low running cost.

    Earlier we were using only RO water to control scale and rust formation in your plastic injection molding machine and cooling tower. It was very expensive, Wastage of water & time consuming as we have to regularly check the water parameters to run the machine.

    After installing “Kashyap” in our cooling system we have stopped totally using the RO water. Now we are feeding only raw water without any treatment in our machines and they are working perfectly ok & no scaling is visible in cooling tower system also.

    We are very happy with these results & the effectiveness of the product and we are proud to save water which is very necessary for our environment.

    Please use it to see the difference.

    polu remove hard water scale deposits impulse frequency k25
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