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    “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy,
    and vibration."
    - Nikola Tesla
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    KASHYAP impulse frequency mineral descaling technology: the technological fight against scale and rust in residential, commercial and industrial environments

    Electronic Impulse Frequency Descaler Board

    Kashyap board More than 120 years ago Nikola Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

    Impulse frequency has been explored for decades and the Kashyap technology is based on causing a physical change to hard water minerals without physically treating water with salt, chemicals, filters, or magnets. The technology uses proprietary frequency distribution impulses (ranging between 3-32 kHz) to cause minerals to change their molecular construction and disrupt the natural resolving process. Hard water causing minerals lose their natural bonding ability; scale and rust build-up is then flushed away with the water flow without requiring any maintenance.

    Impulse Frequency Copper Bands

    Kashyap impulse frequency bands Only ultrahigh-purity copper (UHPC) impulse bands are used to transmit the Kashyap proprietary impulse frequencies due to the copper band’s high electrical conductivity and workability at very low temperatures. These ultra-thin, flat copper bands are wrapped in a protective PVC shield to minimize coil spacing while maximizing the frequency impulse surface area. Once the impulse bands are wrapped around a water pipe and the device is plugged in, no further installation or continued maintenance is required. The UHPC impulse bands are essential for transmitting the robust frequency technology through the width of the pipe, into the water, and impacting existing scale and preventing new scale from forming.

    PREVENTS new mineral scale from forming and removes existing scale build-up by changing the mineral's molecular construction into rod-shaped structures. These new mineral structures impact other mineral bonds, loosening scale and use the water as a transportation source to flush the minerals out of pipes, off heating elements, out of equipment, and away from your building.

    REMOVES mineral scale and rust build-up using proprietary impulse frequencies (3-32 kHz) to impact and gently loosen existing scale deposits and sanitize pipes over a period of a few weeks to a few months depending on the existing scale thickness in pipes, on heating elements, and in internal machinery components.

    PROTECTS internal pipes, equipment and machinery surfaces against future corrosion as a result of an electrophoresis process. This process occurs once scale has been removed and the original pipe/ internal surfaces are exposed to the Kashyap treatment. It creates and metal-carbonate layer, shielding your building’s pipes and equipment from future corrosion causing elements.
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    Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) are the predominant minerals responsible for mineral scaling. The natural tendency of these heavy molecules is to bond to each other and stick to surfaces. Mineral scale problems start with scale deposits. Rust, other microscopic heavy metal particles floating in the water stream, and pathogens get embedded in the mineral scale deposits as more layers are created. This promotes corrosion and becomes a breeding ground for pathogens. The Kashyap impulse frequency is a green solution to prevent scaling on surfaces. The technology uses wobbling impulse frequency distributions to changes minerals from irregular shaped crystalized spheres into smooth rod-shaped structures.
    This process loosens existing scale build-up on surfaces because the minerals lose their natural tendency to bond to each other. Importantly, it also prevents new scale deposits from being created; thereby preventing and solving the problem at the same time.

    The Kashyap technology was developed in 2014 and has been improved upon since their first models. It works continuously to alter mineral scale molecules without being reliant on water flow like other short range systems that uses electromagnetic fields to induce a physical mineral scale change.
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    The “Natural Resolving Process” is a very slow process in nature designed to work against the natural formation of creating mineral bonds. This happens when water (H2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) react with each other to create Carbonic Acid (H2CO3), which is a mild sparkling water reaction that occurs for a split second. Carbonic Acid (H2CO3) breaks existing scale deposits down naturally. Scale bonds are created at a much faster rate so the natural process working against scale formation will never catch up to naturally prevent mineral scale deposits.

    Through the use of impulse frequencies, the Kashyap technology is able to dramatically speed up the “Natural Resolving Process” to break mineral bonds. This effects sanitized water pipes, internal equipment and machinery surfaces; as scale is remove so too is the embedded rust and other particles that, until recently, had to be manually scrubed clean or cleaned with chemical solutions. Loosening and flushing away existing scale is gentle and will take a few week or more depending on the severity of your property's individual scale build-up.
    Calcium and Magnesium are vital and healthy minerals necessary for many biological functions. The Kashyap mineral descaler does NOT remove these minerals from your water; their shape is changed on a molecular level.
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    formula stop mineral scaling

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    Corrosion leads to perforation, weakened pipe walls, joints and equipment failure. This is due to iron and copper oxidation when hard water minerals come into contact with metal surfaces. The treated water of the Kashyap impulse frequency descaler produces an electrophoresis effect. This is when a metal-carbonate layer covers internal surfaces exposed to the treated water. It protects surfaces from aggressive substances that can cause corrosion and perforation.

    Kashyap impulse frequencies technology protects your home, company and assets from scale and rust damage without requiring maintenance to manually remove and prevent scale and rust. It does without using salt, chemical, filters, or magnetic fields.
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