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    Kashyap Descaler (K2)

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    against scale and rust

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    Kashyap Descaler (K2)

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    mineral scale from bonding to surfaces by changing their molecular shape into rod-shaped structures


    existing hard water mineral scale and rust using impulse frequency technology developed over 20+ years


    metal surfaces against future corrosion by creating a metal-carbonate layer as a result of an electrophoresis reaction

    max settings

    Pipe Diameter: 1 ½ inches   |   Water Flow: 9 GPM


    Hard Water Descaler

    innovation impulse frequency against hard water scale and rust

    Square maintenance free
    Square ecofriendly2
    Square chemical free
    Square chemical free


    Calcium and magnesium minerals in water are essential for plants, animals and people however these minerals stick to surfaces restricting water flow, causing corrosion, and require extra energy from appliances to maintain the same performance; such as water heaters.

    Impulse Frequency Control Board
    Kashyap board
    The circuit board is very energy efficient and only uses 2 watts of energy; about $10 per year in energy costs. It creates the frequency impulses and the programming of how these 3-32 KHz frequencies are used to change mineral bonds into rod-shaped structures. This prevents new scale from being formed and removes existing scale from your water pipes, in your appliances and equipment, and off of heating elements.
    Impulse Frequency Copper Bands

    Kashyap impulse frequency bands
    The impulse bands are an essential part of the descaling process. The thin, flat bands are manufactured with a very high copper purity to accurately transmit the impulse frequencies through the coils and into the water to induce a physical change to mineral scale.

    This is NOT a magnet or electromagnetic field device.
    KASHYAP technology uses proprietary impulse frequency distributions.

    Impulse frequency technology does not rely on water flow, like magnets; this means mineral change is constant, stable and robust. Learn more about the differences…


    against scale and rust text

    Kashyap control board only small


    Max. Pipe Diameter: 1 ½ inches
    Max. Water Flow: 9 GPM
    Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 1.5"
    Programs: 1

    Kashyap impulse bands only small

    Impulse Bands:

    Impulse Bands: 2 x 3 feet long
    Space Required: ~19 inches


    Power Supply Unit:

    Watts: 2
    87-260 Volt | 50-60 Hz
    Out: 24 Volt | 600 mA



    Dimensions: 15 x 12.5 x 5.5
    Weight: 7.7 Lbs

    kashyap iso


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    Ask a question about the Kashyap impulse frequency mineral descaler >>>

    How do I install the K-2 mineral descaler?
    The copper impulse bands are wrapped around the outside of a water pipe. Mount the control box on the water pipe using the C shaped bolts or place the device on a stable surface. Plug the impulse bands into the device and the power cord into the control box.

    How long is this warranty and what does it cover?
    The impulse frequency mineral descaler is warranted for 5 years against all manufacturing defects. Once the device is installed there is no reason to adjust configurations or maintain any processes; it works continuously to alter mineral scale bonds. The device only uses 2 watts of energy, about $10 per year.

    Why do minerals scale bonds change back into their original shape after 1-7 days?
    Wobbling impulse frequencies cause minerals to change from spiky sphere-shaped structures into smooth rod-shaped crystals due to the energy transmitted in the frequency impulses. This molecular mineral energy has a lifespan from initial contact. The warmer the water passing through the impulse frequency coils the stronger the reaction. There is more inherent energy in hot water than cold water and this is why bonds keep their smooth rod-shaped appearance up to, and after, 7 days in hot water.

    Why do bonds only hold together for 1-2 days in cold water and up to 7 days in hot water?
    There is more inherent energy in hot water than cold water and this is why bonds keep their smooth rod-shaped appearance up to, and after, 7 days in hot water.

    How old is this technology?
    Impulse frequencies have been used to physically treat the effects pf hard water mineral scaling for over 40 years. Over the last 4 decades major advances have improved the technology to allow progressively larger pipe diameter treatments without needing to cut, damage or remove water pipes to physically treat water at the point of contact and the impact of water throughout a building/ facility.

    I live in an apartment or small home; do I need more than 1 device?
    The K-2 model is designed to work on pipe diameters up to 1 ½ inch with water flowing at a maximum rate of 9 GPM. Using the K-2 model in an apartment, cottage, small home (up to 1,200 square feet) or even in a light commercial environment on a dedicated water line (commercial ice machine) will successfully produce measurable results.

    My residential home is 1,200 to 3,000 square feet:
    Install the K-10 model

    I have a large home over 3,000 square feet:
    Install the K-10 model on your main cold water line (before it goes into your hot water tank) and another K-10 model on the hot water pipe coming out of the hot water tank.

    I have a swimming pool:
    First check the diameter of your water pump pipe. If the pipe diameter is 2 inches and if you have a fairly large pool install the K-25 model (operates on a maximum of 3 inch water pipes) as this additional power will keep your pool cleaner and the filters lasting longer; saving you money with less maintenance.

    We have a hot tub:
    Install the K-2 model for superior performance or you can use the dedicated “Scale Defence” model providing the water flow rate is less than 1.3 GPM. This model requires water to flow into the device as there are no external impulse bands.

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    Prevents Rust & Corrosion
    us descaler logo white with lineEnvironmentally friendly impulse frequency technology to prevent, clean and protect buildings and equipment from the destructive influence of mineral scale and rust buildup.
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