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    Ignoring the impact of mineral scale

    what does mineral scale impact
    Minerals present in water serve vital biological functions; the problem is that minerals bond to surfaces and heating elements causing corrosion to pipes and mechanical equipment; impairs heat transfer causing higher operating costs; and promotes excessive bio-film because pathogens in the water use mineral scale as a breeding ground and food source.

    Decades of research and innovation has simplified the removal of mineral scale by combining what happens in nature with technology to prevent mineral scale buildup using impulse frequencies.

    Ignoring the impact of mineral scale buildup is directly costing you more in energy demands, equipment replacement costs, failing component parts, jeopardizing heath standards, and the opportunity lost in lowering greenhouse gasses (GHG) and the avoidable waste of ignoring circular economy practices.

    lime scale impact heating elementsHeat and pressure increases the precipitation of hard water minerals (Calcium and Magnesium) out of water. These minerals are strongly attracted to surfaces and heating elements causing equipment to eventually fail and exponentially raising energy costs.
    lime scale impact rust and corrosionMineral scale buildup decreases water pressure and promotes corrosion from the inside. When calcium is untreated in water it becomes a solid sticky crystals structures. These solid crystals stick together on surfaces and create hard scale deposits.
    lime scale impact bacteria growthHard water mineral scale deposits create the perfect breeding environment for bacteria and other micro-organisms because of the rough uneven surfaces. Bacteria settle in the uneven surfaces and small openings of the scale and use it as a food source and breeding ground; promoting avoidable illnesses.

    lime scale impact scaling and rustMineral scale will continue to add deposit layers inside your water pipes, appliances, equipment and machinery. Scale formed inside metal pipes resembles a brown color because of the trapped iron oxides particles in the mineral scale. This rusting increases corrosion and will eventually lead to perforation.
    lime scale impact householdThe natural resolving process of nature will flush out tiny particles of mineral scale, rust and bio-film however this is simply a tiny fraction of a larger internal problem. The natural resolving process that tries to break scale crystals will never be strong enough to catch up to the process that bonds minerals together and onto surfaces until the Kashyap device is installed.
    K 25 front viewagainst scale and rust text PREVENTS mineral scale from bonding to surfaces by changing their molecular shape into rod-shaped structures

    REMOVES existing hard water mineral scale and rust using impulse frequency technology developed over 20+ years

    PROTECTS metal surfaces against future corrosion by creating a metal-carbonate layer as a result of an electrophoresis reaction


    environmentally friendly solution using robust, stable and proven technology

    KASHYAP Impulse Frequency Technology vs.
    Electromagnetic Technology

    Works on wide range of frequency 3-32 KHz It works on fixed frequency band
    It works on any pipe material It works only on plastic pipes
    Effects last for 5 to 7 days Effects last for 24 to 48 hours
    Impulse go up to 0.6 miles Limited effects - nears the wire only
    Only single wire emerges from the unit and goes to the pipe. No close loop formation. It has two wires one coming from the unit and one goes back to the unit, it creates a loop.
    It works on impulse frequencies (3-32 kHz) It works on induction
    Impulse works independently It depends on velocity of water
    Consistent and uniform effect Inconsistent effect
    Model size up to 40” pipe diameter & customized model can be designed Limited model size available

    KASHYAP Impulse Frequency Technology vs.
    Water Softeners

    KASHYAPWater Softeners
    Economical and no maintenance Expensive and requires maintenance
    No daily operation required Required daily operation
    5 years replacement warranty 5 years resin life
    It can be installed anywhere Requires more space
    No salt, chemical or filters required Recurring costs: salt, ion media, filters, etc
    DOES NOT produce waste water Generates waste water
    Works on 24 volts DC High electric cost
    Eco-friendly and green product technology Waste water discharge with high chloride content

    us descaler logo white with lineEnvironmentally friendly impulse frequency technology to prevent, clean and protect buildings and equipment from the destructive influence of mineral scale and rust buildup.
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    remove scale and rust pipe cut in half

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