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    commercial mineral descaler scale solution

    The KASHYAP impulse frequency mineral descaler offers the benefits of a water softener WITHOUT the negative environmental impacts and the continuous maintenance costs associated with water softeners.

    Kashyap hard water mineral descaleragainst scale and rust impulse frequency tech how does the kashyap mineral descaler work

    pipe with rust and scale buildup
    Impulse frequency technology prevents, removes and protects your company and building from the destructive effects of mineral scale build-up and rust damage.


    Using clean water in your company extends beyond the actually quality of the water to include the state of the delivery pipes and the equipment it flow in-and-out of. Mineral scaling, rust deposits and biofilm all contribute to impaired water quality, significantly lower equipment efficiencies and unnecessary energy demands. Dirty internal pipes and internal equipment components promote heath issues such as Legionnaires' disease, other illnesses and excessive biofilm since pathogens use mineral scale as a food source.

    Removing mineral scale is the first step towards sanitizing your building’s water pipes and mechanical equipment, and supporting climate action to use less energy to lower GHG levels. The descaling process is gentle and does not damage water pipes or equipment; it will take a few weeks to months to remove mineral scale from your entire building without requiring labor demands or continuous maintenance.

    In 2013 the US Department of Energy (DOE) commissioned a research study (under contract DE-AC05-76RL01830) to identify the “Impacts of Water Quality on Residential Water Heating Equipment”. The investigation proved that mineral scale directly impacts equipment performance, energy usage and longevity.


    mineral scale from bonding to surfaces by changing their molecular shape into rod-shaped structures


    existing hard water mineral scale and rust using impulse frequency technology developed over 20+ years of testing


    metal surfaces against future corrosion by creating a metal-carbonate layer as a result of an electrophoresis reaction

    Cooling Tower remove mineral scale biofilm

    Cooling Towers

    Mineral scaling is a type of fouling that impacts a cooling tower operational efficiency. Remove scale fouling without using chemicals, salt, filters or labor maintenance by using impulse frequency technology.

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    plate heat exchanger remove mineral scale rust

    Heat Exchangers

    Mineral scaling cannot be blasted off a heat exchanger (PHE) with a pressure hose because the minerals bond to surfaces. This technology uses proprietary impulse frequencies to prevent mineral bond adhesion and flushes scale and rust away.

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    Commercial Chillers remove mineral scale biofilm


    Mineral scale deposits increases thermal resistance because elements become covered with a solid layer that the heating/ cooling energy needs to penetrate. This increased demand required more consistent energy straining chillers and costing more to operate.

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    condenser tubes remove mineral scale biofilm

    Condenser Tubes

    Installing an impulse frequency mineral descaler before condenser tube equipment will remove and prevent scaling without using chemicals, requiring cleaning maintenance and incurring downtime.

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    Circulating Pumps remove mineral scale biofilm

    Circulating Pipes and Pumps

    Controlling mineral scaling build-up in circulating pipes and pumps by incorporating electronic wobbling impulse frequency technology to prevent minerals from bonding to surfaces.

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    evaporative condenser remove mineral scale biofilm

    Evaporative Condenser

    Refrigeration systems remove heat from buildings in summer months and an increase in scale has been directly linked to an increase in equipment energy demands.

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    air handling unit remove mineral scale biofilm

    Air Handling Unit

    Water out of a laboratory is more than H2O and contains essential minerals (Ca, Mg, etc.) including pathogens because our water supply is not pure. When you remove scale you also establish cleaner equipment and a heathier building environment.

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    HVAC remove mineral scale biofilm


    Using chemicals treatments to remove mineral scaling is not a sustainable solution for mitigating the long or short term impacts because at just 1mm thickness scale can cause an increase of 15% in energy demands.

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    water pipe systems remove mineral scale biofilm

    Water Pipe Systems

    Looking for possible internal locations where scale buildup may be occluding is an ineffective action plan. Use technology to automatically and continuously clean your entire building’s piping system and internal components.

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    QUICK Facts:

    • Does not use magnetic fields or electromagnetic technology
    • Bonds last for 1-7 days depending on the water temperature
    • Effective up to over ½ mile (1 km) from the point of treatment
    • Works on any pipe material: copper, metal, PVC, PEX, compound
    • Standard models are available for pipes up to a 40" diameter.
      Larger pipe diameters can be custom produced, example.

    k10 mockup
    A robust solution for typical commercial business or large residential pool applications. 

    KASHYAP: K-25 Model

    Max. Pipe Diameter: 3 inches
    Max. Water Flow: 110 GPM

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    k10 mockup
    Impulse frequency technology for large commercial environments such as hotels.  

    KASHYAP: K-50 Model

    Max. Pipe Diameter: 4 inches
    Max. Water Flow: 220 GPM

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    k10 mockup
    Impulse frequency descaler for demanding applications to eliminate scale problems. 

    KASHYAP: K-100 Model

    Max. Pipe Diameter: 6 inches
    Max. Water Flow: 440 GPM

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    k10 mockup
    Impulse frequency technology to maximize scale removal in commercial cooling towers.

    KASHYAP: K-200 Model

    Max. Pipe Diameter: 10 inches
    Max. Water Flow: 1,100 GPM

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