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    residential minerla descaler more than just clean

    The KASHYAP impulse frequency mineral descaler offers the benefits of a water softener WITHOUT the negative environmental impacts and the continuous maintenance costs associated with water softeners.

    Kashyap hard water mineral descaleragainst scale and rust impulse frequency tech how does the kashyap mineral descaler work

    pipe with rust and scale buildup


    Mineral scale is a build-up of Calcium and Magnesium (limestone) deposits. These minerals are essential for biological functions but cause long-term damage to your home in reducing water pressure, water heater life-expectancy, increase appliance energy demands, and a many other considerations beyond the scale deposits you notice in your shower, sinks, and around faucets.

    The natural tendency of limestone minerals is to bond to each other and onto surfaces. It is this natural process that causes so much damage to your home, affecting its inner health. The KASHYAP Technology takes a scientific solution to a natural phenomenon by using decades of researched impulse frequencies to temporarily change (up to 7 days) molecular mineral bonds.

    In 2013 the US Department of Energy (DOE) commissioned a research study (under contract DE-AC05-76RL01830) to identify the “Impacts of Water Quality on Residential Water Heating Equipment”. The investigation proved that mineral scale directly impacts performance, energy usage and longevity.


    • The cleaning benefits of a water softener without the associated slimy feel and the continued operational costs.
    • Soap and shampoos will lather better
    • Less aggressive cleaning agents can be used throughout your home because when you use Kashyap treated water, the natural minerals in water do not bond to surfaces.
    • Bathroom areas will be cleaner as repeated treated water is used because the treated water breaks existing mineral bonds and washes it away with the regular water flow.
    • Your skin and clothing will start to feel softer
    • Less laundry detergent can be used because soap lathers better.
    • Appliances linked to water use (dishwasher, washing machines, coffee machines, water purification tanks) efficiencies will improve as scale is flushed out of internal components.


    • Municipalities add Chlorine or Chloramine disinfection chemicals to kill bacteria. Not all bacteria is removed and every day in the US there are hundreds of water main breaks and water boil advisories. Your municipal water does contact a ‘safe’ pathogen ratio. These pathogens breed in mineral scale and use it and rust particles as a food source. Removing scale means cleaner water pipes and less illnesses related to injesting bio-film and pathogens.

    • When you remove mineral scale buildup from inside water pipes it removes a fundamental food source for pathogens and can directly help improve your health and does add to a positive increase in the taste of your local water source.


    • It has been scientifically proven by the DOE (US Department of Energy) and other independent studies that mineral scale directly impacts energy demands. Meaning, as mineral scale bonds to heating elements (i.e. water heater) more energy is needed to heat the water supply. As little as 1mm scale later can increase demands by 15%.

    • Using energy more responsibly directly helps the environmental and lowers GHG (Green House Gasses)

    • Removing scale build-up from your home appliances will help to lower your utility bills while extending the lifespan of your water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, irrigation system, pool filters and pump equipment, hot tubs and everything else that interacts with water.

    Very few geographic areas have naturally occurring soft water; these areas have a different problem where additional minerals need to be added to water to change PH levels. This technology DOES NOT remove minerals, it alters the mineral bond and shape to eliminate scaling problems using advanced impulse frequencies. The financial implications of ignoring mineral scale in your home directly impacts energy costs, pipe corrosion, replacing damaged appliances, spending more on cleaning products and replacing filters in pools and water filtration equipment. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS 2007) found that water heater failures are one of the top 5 “water loss” claims, or claims in which monetary compensation is sought as a result of water damage to furniture, equipment, or the home itself.


    mineral scale from bonding to surfaces by changing their molecular shape into rod-shaped structures


    existing hard water mineral scale and rust using impulse frequency technology developed over 20+ years of testing


    metal surfaces against future corrosion by creating a metal-carbonate layer as a result of an electrophoresis reaction

    QUICK Facts:

    • Does not use magnetic fields or electromagnetic technology
    • Bonds last for 1-7 days depending on the water temperature
    • Effective up to over ½ mile (1 km) from the point of treatment
    • Works on any pipe material: copper, metal, PVC, PEX, compound
    • Standard models are available for pipes up to a 30" diameter.
      40+ inch pipe diameters can be custom produced. example.

    scale defence
    An inline water pipe device designed to protect individual appliances from scale.

    KASHYAP: Scale Defence

    Max. Pipe Diameter: inches
    Max. Water Flow:  GPM

    details order online
    k10 mockup
    Impulse frequency technology to be wrapped around pipes with fairly low water flow rates. 

    KASHYAP: K2 Model

    Max. Pipe Diameter: 1 ½ inches
    Max. Water Flow: 9 GPM

    details order online
    k10 mockup
    Impulse frequency technology for the typical residential home or light commercial tasks. 

    KASHYAP: K10 Model

    Max. Pipe Diameter: 2 inches
    Max. Water Flow: 44 GPM

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    the GREEN alternative to water softeners, without the negative impacts and with many more benefits

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