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    The Orchid Hotel- Mumbai

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    gsecl mineral descaler power plant
    Models: K-250
    Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India)
    Installation Area: Cooling Tower, Chiller, HVAC

    the only Ecotel Hotel in Balewadi with 345 rooms and refined luxury in an Eco-friendly environment and manicured gardens
    KASHYAP: impulse frequency descaler
    The Mumbai area has extremely hard water. Before the mineral descalers the condenser tubes were frequently cleaned. After 1 year with the Kashyap mineral descaling technology the condenser tubes are only inspected annually.


    Installed Models:

    1 x K-250

    The Orchid hotel has extremely hard water causing a lot of maintenance and cleaning in bathing areas. Guest’s showers were a huge concern as the mineral scale would constantly clog shower heads; and the only way to effectively clean these areas would be to scrub until they become clean.

    After the Kashyap anti-scale system was installed (Model K-50) on the main line, we noticed after a short period, the showers were becoming progressively cleaner and the water discoloration soon faded.

    The hotel management also installed a K-250 model on the HVAC system to increase the efficiency of the cooling towers and chillers. Before this device was installed he had to descale the chiller tubes every 4 months as the cooling tower fills would be chocked by scale. Now that the Kashyap descalers have been installed we only need to check the chiller tubes once a year since the existing scale has been completely removed and functioning as new cooling tower fills.

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